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About our company Khemtis Travel

Khemtis Travel is the name or company that provides tour and travel arrangements, or companies that provide travel services. There may be services included in one place, such as organizing tour packages, organizing rooms, organizing travel, chartering speedboats, yachts, etc. for those who wish to travel. Relax and seek happiness in the form of changing the atmosphere for a new experience of fun. The impression of the place that you choose to reward yourself and your family, loved ones, and people who know your heart Compass Travel is ready to provide service and provide the best care, just like family members.

If you are someone who loves traveling and is planning to travel to Koh Lipe, We are ready to help you to the fullest. without you having to waste time checking the price. We have compiled tour packages that are worthwhile and cheap. Whether it’s a group package or a seminar group, booking a tour and booking a room and car rental With special prices for you, We, the team at Khemtis Travel, have more than 5 years of experience, and we are confident that you will receive the best care. Come and join us at Khemtis Travel for the best fun and experience in Koh Lipe!

what we believe in and hold on to all along.


We believe that honesty is the cornerstone of business. Integrity creates quality, and quality will satisfy customers.

Nothing is perfect.

We never stand still. Commitment to improving our website and services is in every one of our team members.

Excellent service is important.

We are dedicated to serving every customer. You are quick, friendly, and the best.

Why! Khemtis Travel

We don’t sell trips. If we don’t know the place well enough, we explore our own path on every trip. to ensure that customers get the best

Even though our prices are competitive. But we do not reduce the quality of travel, food, accommodation, or teamwork; we provide upgrades over competitors in every detail.

Customers can design their own itinerary. You don’t have to follow the website; if you want to cut and add any part, we can make it easy for you.

Providing the best customer service is our number-one goal. for us Nothing is too much or too little. And there’s nothing we won’t try to do for our customers. That’s because we realize that customer satisfaction is the most important element for the success of the company.

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Just follow us. You will be able to receive great promotions from Khemtis Travel at any time without missing out! We will provide exciting travel information and news, such as special discounts, special promotions, and other special offers, to you via our tracking channels. Don’t miss the chance to get cool information. And be the first to hear exciting news from Khemtis Travel